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Wrote on March 6, 2024

History & Information

When and Why tagoWorks?

I decided to call myself tagoWorks because, well when I was 10 my dad gave me the online username tago22, and I've gone through many and many usernames but ultimately came back to tago and i added the works because I liked the way it sounded. I also thought about tagoDev but I just choose works instead. Additionally, in the future I hope to have my own small team of developers working on big projects together.

Coding Languages/Skills

As of now, I'm extremely proficient in python, batch, JS and HTML. I also have good experience with modern UI designing for websites, and menus for software. If you want to work with me or want to learn anything more please contact me

Santiago's Life

Mini Timeline

First Project, Spotium

On July 19, 2021 I created my first repository on github for my Spotium project. I worked very hard on Spotium and throughout these 3 years it has improved significantly, from its interface, to the website. I am honestly so proud of my Spotium project and cannot wait to spend as much time on something bigger.

Minecraft Server?

Throughout January of 2022, to about October of the same year, I created a Minecraft server called rainfall, it was self hosted with custom plugins and modifications, DDoS preventions, and other small things.  Towards the middle of it lifetime it was doing pretty good but eventually died off and I shut down all the servers and haven't touched them since.

Scraped Projects

Around this time I started to work on a bunch of different projects and completely lost track on where I was, and what I wanted to achieve. Fuchsia was something I worked on for a good minute but I knew that advertising it would be difficult, and there was really just no hope for it.

Spotium, School, Life.

Now, I recently have been heavily working on Spotium since it was broken for around 8 months. I've had to recode the entire project but this also means I got to develop a faster and new way to provide a better Spotify expierence.

Future Hopes

tagoWorks Development Team

My goal for now and for a while will be to create a small team, around the same age as me and we work together developing, and thinking of new things to make.

Known for Project

One big goal I hope to achieve is to develop a project that tagoWorks would be at least a little known for.

US Airforce Cyber Defense

My long term life goal is to join the US Airforce as a cyber defense operator.