Hi there 👋, I'm Santiago and I live in a small city in California, I'm a developer with a good amount of experience with Python, HTML, JavaScript, and graphic designing.

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I am very interested in working with a small group of developers around my age, if you want to get in contact with me please provide your email below.

My Projects

Mobirise Website Builder

Spotium for Spotify

Spotium is a great easy-to-use tool for anyone who is tired of being spammed with ads while listening to their favorite music on Spotify. Spotify is available for both Windows and macOS.


Flare is a modified version of AKoD which instead of using GitHub and Netlify servers, uses your own Linux server to host the data. Flare allows your users to validate their purchased activation keys from your site using a simple Discord bot command. Flare includes amazing additional features such as HWID/Node locking licenses, complete API and server access, and custom domains to make your project even more professional! To top it all off, the brand new web dashboard allows for easier setup, and shows some statistics about your keys & users.


Pharmor is a tool which is in development to try and automate the process of making TikTok story videos as much as I can. You know the videos with Minecraft parkour and a random reddit story being presented, yeah this will basically automate all of that from the image overlaying, cutting the video down, and text to speech!